Gallery Terms & Conditions

Submission Criteria: 

  1. Each submission is required to be tied to an order number.

  2. Verification will be required.

  3. Review has to be made within 3 weeks from the date of shipping.

  4. Only redeemable once per order number regardless of the amount of reviews made. 

  5. Reviews has to tag @19ninety-six on either our Instagram or Facebook.W

  6. We will share selected images on our official Instagram/Facebook/Website with all credits due to the reviewer. 

Rebates :

  1. Rebates will be credited back to your original mode of payment method. E.g. Paypal / Stripe / Bank Transfer.

  2. It takes 4 to 5 weekdays to process the rebate after confirmation. 

  3. Sale or Discounted items are not valid for rebates. E.g Buy 1 for 1.

Sale or Discounted items review:

  1. Rebates will not be allowed for sale or discounted items.

  2. 5% voucher off next order will be issued. 

  3. Vouchers can be applied to discounted items only. 

  4. Voucher can not be used with sale activities. E.g. Buy 1 Get 1 or Free Shipping

Payment Methods

MasterCard | Visa | Bank-Transfers | Paypal |  PayNow/PayLah! (Singapore only)|

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