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Top 3 Asian-European inspired lenses!

As an Asian myself, I love Blue/Green/Grey eyes!

I find them exceptionally mesmerizing.

However, in the past (2003 or so), I couldn't find such colored lenses in a natural tone?

Hence, I set myself a task to find the perfect lens and it was tough!

But I'm here to share with you my Top 5 favorite below:

1|I-dol Queen Series

This series was almost discontinued however, we are so glad that it came back early 2019!

It is much more intense as compared to the rest, however, it is still very true to the images shown above. Especially on Black/Dark brown eyes, they cover really well!

Score that seductive look with them. :)


You can get them pre-ordered here!

2 | I-dol Desire

Yes, I-dol has been killing the game with such color lenses!

One of their 2019 series that bombed the site with requests, we love the 14.0MM diameter, natural and fantastic on Asian eyes!


Give I-dol Desire a try here!

3 | 瞳の花园 LensGarden Dawn

YES! Lensgarden, something new that we were able to get a hold of!

Slightly pricey, but we love the natural borderless blend!

However, the lenses turn dark when in a dark room.

The comfort level is 10/10, incredibly soft and moist.

Love them here!



Writes when she feels like it.

Images are linked!

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