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  • [Doya] Jewel 宝石 Series Pink

    Brand: DOYA
    Series: DOYA Venus
    Main material: 2-HEMA
    Diameter: 14.5mm
    Base curve: 8.8mm
    Water content: 38%
    Center Thickness: 0.01mm (-3.00D)
    Color: red, blue, brown, green, purple
    Light degree: 0.00D ~ -10.00D
    Wear cycle: Yearly
    Packing: PP cup packed
    Manufacturer: G & G
    Producing countries: South Korea
    Service: Khatami Trade Co., Ltd.

    DOYA color contact lenses eight technical features:

    1. High water-lock: The silicone hydrogel (NVP) composites, lock up more water molecules to avoid dry eyes and itching and discomfort caused by dry reflected.

    2. radiation and UVA: improved production technology, all day UV protection, to the eyes to form an effective protective layer.

    3. The non-spherical design: The series uses aspheric design, wider field of vision, visual clearer and more realistic.

    4. ultra comfort: ultra-thin design, more oxygen permeability.

    5. Filter proteins: advanced production equipment and high-quality product materials greatly reduces the probability of protein precip
    Left Eye Power / Degree (-)
    Right Eye Power / Degree (-)

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