[i-Dol] Pro 1.5 Caramel Brown Series

[i-Dol] Pro 1.5 Caramel Brown Series

【I-DOL Pro 1.5 Series】

Brand: i-dol 

Packaging: TBA

Color: Caramel Brown, Peachy Brown, Charcoal Grey

Diameter: 14.0 mm

Graphic Diameter: 13.1 mm

Base Arc: 8.6 mm

Water content: TBA

Center thickness: 0.08 (-3.00D) mm

Degree range: 0-800 degree


Discard cycle: Annual Usage, please throw / open after the use of a year (Recommended to dispose around 8 to 10 months)


Images are highly subjective. Please use the images as a gauge.

No Mix Degree

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