Cosfest XV 2016

Cosfest XV 2016

July 4, 2016



Over a span of two days, I've spent 12 - 13 hours in an event. ( Considering both days here ) 

First day of cosfest (on 2nd July) was awesome. Reason being was not just dragging my dad along with me to the event. Yes, I dragged him, never drugged....he was sane to follow his weird daughter. Well I guess being a Father has it's job cut out for him. Since it was the FIRST time i've ever dragged my dad along with me to an event, it was really exciting for me (and also super awkward) to bring him around! Explaining every little details and programn that was going on. My standard first question, I asked him regarding his first impression of the event. He simply said, it was rather simple, just gathering to find friends and talk about stuff. To my surprise he was pretty entertained but a few elements of the events.


Honestly, it is a good experience to bring your loved ones with you to experience the joy and fun you have your your friends. It can also serve as a platform for your parents to understand your hobby. Tho, there were a few rough kids running around and shouting, it wasn't pleasant but at the very least the obedient ones outshines the black sheeps. ( I mean come on, don't RUN around or trying to be Tsuna in EYESHIELD 21, dodging left and right, running doing sharp turns at every human you almost hit.)  Jeezuz.

Back to my big ol' daddy.

He really liked the performances and well, he doesn't really comment much on it, but rather smiled and laughed at certain parts of it. I guess he enjoyed himself ?

He also liked the big guy that was cosplaying. You can find him in the below gallery :




We were early there to watch the Sucide Runway Walk. the cosers were really good, it was entertaining as well, but I really had hoped they would sort of slow down for some shots before walking around really fast. I tried to snap a few photos for memories but it doesn't really turn out that great. Mainly because I really suck at taking photos? Legit tho. 


Well I was running around the event hall searching and meeting people, I saw couple of super cool looking humans, I'm not sayin' they are like super special or whatsoever, but i guess it was the way they portrayed the characters that made it so ....attractive? Every humans are picky with things so, I guess they just sort of stood out to me especially. 


Later on, my dad was asking why didn't I bring my friends along, well simply because we had out things cut out for us, some were working and some had school, so I can't just be selfish and drag them out you know? Well, i still enjoyed the event. I felt like I was 15 again, being all curious and happy, getting excited to meet new humans and talk to them. Haha, I do hope to meet more people and have a simple chat . 




It's actually pretty rare now a days to find people to talk to WITHOUT being feel like wasting their time or them being not interested in what you are saying. Not applying to all, but certain people feel more comfortable to be with people they know then to mingle around...I mean how do you know them if you don't try to talk to them? Funny isn't it? I think there might be an online penpal thing going on which I have not clue of. Haha! Maybe I need to sign up to be people's friend and get selected before I can say anything I want to. Hah, it's really hard to nice, but really simple to be evil ... 




Anyway, moving on to Day 2, had a simple lunch with a friend which brought other friends and we became friends? I guess that's how it goes but anyway, it felt rather good to be able to talk to fellow humans regarding this hobby and all, but now, I will have to 'eat air' for a couple of weeks to save up. I mean, I had plans to go Japan next year and saving up early seems like the wisest decision, until bombarded with cosplay plans.....they are definitely not cheap in anyways tho...




To sum up the entire event, honestly, it was a little let down, Programme-wise. The Artist booths were awesome.  Overall, it was good,  can't complain much because it is tough to organize an event. 

It was a event for catching up, dressing up as your favourite characters express your love for your fandom in a tent. It was unfortunate that the weather in Singapore was really bad, it was humid and the Sun was definitely not shy to show itself in public, getting exposed and shit. It was 35DEGREE CELSIUS. All those make-up products and their advertisements can be thrown out of the window....smugging eyeliners, flaking and caking foundations, and lots of mascara falling off. 


Can't wait for the next event, Chara Expo. Happening on 9th and 10th of July. Shall head there for a day and check out what they have in for us (event though the programme list and map is out). Going to catch-up with more humans, throw more compliments and have fun :) 



Thank you for reading or rather bearing with me through this ton of text but hey, you reached the end ! Kudos to you! 


ps. I have no idea who are those cosplayers are, name/alias, but if you know, let me know so I can credit them. :) 




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