Latest Announcement : October 20th 2016

Latest Announcement : October 20th 2016

October 20, 2016



Hey guys!


We are trying our best to rush the lenses before 30th October!

Please note that from the next batch onwards, we will not be doing any RUSH batch. This is to prevent everyone from getting disappointed when they don't receive their lenses on time. 


We highly urge you to order early if they are in urgent need of it.

Please understand that we are unable to give an exact date to when the batch will be arriving due to various level of processing/packing/delivery delays.


Here are some changes :


1) We will now put the estimated time of waiting to 3-4 weeks instead of the usual 2-3 weeks.


2) For lenses that are out-of-stock, we will usually email/message you immediately regarding your changes. Now, we will switch to changing the to a lower degree/ design if we do not receive a reply within 24hrs. Please understand that this is part of the reason for delays.


3) Last minute purchase will not be allowed, we have been lieniant about it but sometimes, we just can't add last minute orders at all.


4) Orders that had not been paid by the dateline will also not be included in the batch. It will be pushed to the next batch.


5) Changes to orders must be made through 19Ninety-six's facebook page messenger. We will not entertain any changes through our private accounts.


6) Upon requesting the status of your orders, please provide the name & order number stated in the e-mail/invoice. This will allow us to check your order much more smoothly.

We would also want to make it clear that, we take batches for lenses, so how the system goes is :

1) Waiting for Orders and Payments (2-3 weeks usually)


2) After 2-3 weeks, orders are closed and will be sent for processing. ( Supplier will tell us to replace/refund any out-of-stock lenses ) This process usually takes 1-3 days if FAST, if not it may drag till a week.


3) Orders will then be delivered over to us via AIR, taking up almost up to 10 days to reach or even later.


4) Packing process will usally take within 1 day to finish.


5) It will take another 1 business day to mail out the lenses. 

*Note: Postoffices do not work on sunday/mail on saturday/sundays


6) You will receive your item based on your method of delivery.

(Meet-up is usually flexible based on location and time) 
* Mass Meet-ups will be annouced 2-3 days prior to the arrival of the items *



We sincerely seek your cooperation as well as your understanding on this matter.

Thank you once again!

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