12.12.16 Sales !

12.12.16 Sales !

December 5, 2016








 Hey guys! 

It's time for the annual 12.12 sales!

I've got a good deal for you! 

$18.00SGD for any series listed! 

DoYa. Cupid. Idol. Bella. 
Please note that CUPID-EYE's PROMO ends on 11th November! So orders made after the closing date will not be entitled for the promo price!



Eyekotoba is not available this season :(

They are having an storage overhaul/checking/etc, so they stopped accepting orders for now!






New Addition !

DoYa New series [Minnion]





Diameter 14.3mm

B.C : 8.7mm

Water content : 38%






Diameter 14.0mm

B.C : 8.6mm

Water content : 38%





Diameter 14.0mm

B.C : 8.6mm

Water content : 40%

T&Cs for 12.12 sales!


Any orders made after the end of the batch will be automatically added to next batch. It will also not be valid for the above promotion 12.12.16. Please note to made your orders early to prevent such incident from happening! 


Out-Of-Stock orders will be emailed upon notified by the supplier, if the buyer does not reply within the stipulated time, seller holds the right to swop/change the design and color. OOS orders will be placed in the next available batch, please understand!

All orders placed during 12.12 is PRE-ORDERS. It is not in stocks, so please do not rush for delivery/etc, we will try our best but we cannot promise it will arrive by a certain time! 


Any orders made are final, changes can be made but we cannot promise that it'll be changed once it passes the deadline for orders.


Can be combined with other discount coupons.


Thank you for finishing this whole post, as a reward, qoute I WANT A CHRISTMAS PREZZIE in the seller note, you might get something :)

Thank you for always supporting us! We will continue to strive and improve our services !

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