Merry Christmas! D

Merry Christmas! D

December 21, 2016

Hi guys!

We know Christmas is slowly creeping in, so we have a Christmas deal just for you! 


This batch ends on the 29th DECEMBER 23.59 (+8 GMT) !

Remember! Any order made after the deadline is not considered ordered alright!


What's the deal? (Punny hehe)


25% OFF 

selected designs!!!!

(Eyekotoba might join in later)


So hurry up and order now!

(It takes 3 weeks to arrive for packing before dispatching to you. There might be delays along the way, please check our facebook page frequently!)








1) No changing in design/color/degree once you've placed an order (to avoid confusion)

2) No RUSH ORDERS, If you require it  immediately, please head over to our Instocks!

3) If there is an Out-Of-Stock situation, we are oblidge to change your order as we wish if you do not reply to our email in 24hrs!

4) Please note that refund is not allowed once you've placed your order and paid for it. It is final.

5) Brands that are not participating in this promotion will not be discounted for nor will it be available for order UNLESS STATED!

6) If you receive any defect lenses, please PM our page directly for assistance, we are more than happy to help you with it! (Please remove your CL if it irritates your eyes)

7) Before purchasing, please head to an optometrist to seek advice and fitting if you are a beginner.

8) Glasses degree =/= Contact lens degree. If you require help with conversion, hit us up on our facebook page for assistance. 

9) Once you've purchase from the website, you have agreed to the above statements made in this post. We are allowed to add/change the TnCs at any time of the promotion if we feel the need to! So please cooperate with us!

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