Happy 2017 ! New Year New Me (Us)!

Happy 2017 ! New Year New Me (Us)!

January 5, 2017

This post might come a little late but Happy new year! 


This year is going to be a very exciting year! We will be introducing more designs and brands for pre-order!


Just a short note for those that are looking to Pre-order during Feb - March'17, the suppliers might not be in town during the whole of feb, so most likely there wouldn't be a batch for that month (maybe)!


We will also be taking a break from 21st March - 29th March to Japan for a short rest, we will still be contactable but beware that we might take out time replying you! So please don't freak out if we don't respond to you! We are most like geeking around in Tokyo!


So once again THERE MIGHT NOT BE A BATCH DURING FEB! If you need the lenses by late feb, feel free to order NOW!

We are also afraid that the shipping company might be taking a break during the whole Chinese New Year /etc, so bear in mind that delays might happen in this batch, dearies!

Here is our 2 week short batch! We will collect orders for 2 weeks until 18th Jan, we will not entertain any other late orders! So please order early!

We are also trying to re-stock some Eyekotoba series before they closes their warehouse for their spring break!

So please order in bulk and stock up if possible!! Eyekotoba doesn't seem to be throwing any super awesome treats/discount so, most probably this might be the most you get !



Updates :


We've changed our mailing/shipping option for out overseas cuties cause based on previous year's experience, it seems that regular registered post is taking way to long to reach them, and the tracking only could track till the country and not it's location.


So we've figured to swop to UPS for a faster delivery! They promised 2-5 days, but we gonna just hope for the best! We will still hold on to the Regular Registered mail if you are still interested and not in a hurry (well it's 2x cheaper so....) 


New Year Message :


We thank you for the constant support, eventhough we barely started this site (less than a year). We continue to wish you all good health and good wealth! 


The reason we started this was because it was simply a hassle for us to take orders on Facebook, so we thought why don't we migrate it to a small site and just take orders from there? Slowly as time goes by, we realised that we have a growing base of overseas customers (I'm really happy that you guys choosed us)! It got us really nervous, but we somehow (kinda) tide it across, but we hope to serve more of you and listen to your feedback and etc !


We love to help people to get lenses from reliable sources, we are not the manufactorers of those brands that we carry, we basically order directly from them at a slightly discounted price ! 


Once again, Thank you for reading till this far! We hope you will continue to see and help us grow as an online community! 

(We'll try to get some kind of forum/etc for recommandation or such)





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