Annoucement 26th January 2017 !

Annoucement 26th January 2017 !

January 26, 2017

Hi guys! 


We just released the details to our new batch on 26th January and we are excited to tell you that SSIN from Youtube has reviewed her purchase of DANNA lenses from us!! Woohoo!!


Milestone - Achieved




Update 1 :

Anyway a quick update with you guys regarding postage/mailing/shipping.

We intend to revive the "Registered INTERNATIONAL Mail" option to our overseas friends (because DHL express is too expensive to some of you) but it comes with a price!


ALL ORDERS THAT USES RIM (aka registered international mail) IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR REFUNDS , if the parcel goes missing (or it's too long for some of you) !

The reason why we removed the option before was due to similar cases where buyer asked to compensate for the lost due to the long waiting time and assuming the parcel was lost. We suffered some losses and were pretty scared that all other parcel will get similar issues as well. So we came to a decision and removed RIM completely......but recently we realised some customers do not mind the waiting time and wishes to proceed with the cheaper mailing. So, we had to make it clear that we will once again revive RIM but this time, it's to your own descretion and your responsibility. We are not liable for any missing parcel via Registered International Mailing Method ! 

Update 2 :




"US customs require a copy of the prescription and copy of front and back of social security card for contact lenses.Valid contact number is required."

We were notified that the US custom is getting stricter with it's rules, so by playing safe, we are informing you in advance !
Please obey the rules and regulations, we do not want you to get into trouble with them :( !


We recently got featured on SSIN's Youtube channel!




Here is her review :

(Please support this wonderful lady for showcasing all 4 designs to you!)

We did not sponsor for her, she paid with her own money to bring you this amazing content and review!
Cherish this precious woman!


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