Removal of Designs/Brands

September 17, 2017

Dear all, 



With effect from today (Sep 17 2017), the following brands and their designs will be entirely removed from our store due to constructive feedback.

Some series are due to (Out-of-Production) from the supplier. 


Here are the affected designs that will be removed : 



1) Holiday Series 

2) Bella C <3 C

3) Choco Sweet Heart

4) Ocean Series 

5) Chocolate Milk

6) Aurora series

7) KunLing Princess (Out-of-Production)

8) Honey Brown

9) Pro Series

10) Omni-3 Tone (Out-of-Production)


Eyekotoba (soon)

1) Viga 3 tone (Out-of-Production)

2) Frozen 3 tone (Out-of-Production)

3) Story of the starts (Out-of-Production)


DoYa / EOS / I-dol

1) EOS Pinnochio (Out-of-Production)

2) EOS My Love from the stars (Out-of-Production)

3) EOS Pudding (Out-of-Production)

4) EOS Cookie 

5) EOS Cherry Coco

6) DoYa Starry Star (Out-of-Production)

7) DoYa Cinderella


CandyVision  (All series)



We sincerely welcome feedback regarding certain brands/designs.

Let's wait for newer designs!




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