Welcome 2018 with 3 New Series !

Welcome 2018 with 3 New Series !

January 14, 2018

Hello all !



BATCH 01 ENDS ON 15/01/2018 - 21/01/2018
25% off on all series !



Thank you for waiting for us (for like a month+) 👌

We have released 3 new designs from 2 brands for now, we will continue to add them in (another 5 - 8 more designs)



Newly released : 

IDOL LIHUA (natural series)


IDOL SEATTLE ( Angmoish series) 









Important Announcement :

1) We will now operate from Sat - Sun, Chat/Emails, due to our corporate slave lives so please bear with us if our reply are not up to par :'D

2) To reduce waiting time we will swap orders with oos degrees to -0.25/-0.50 step higher or lower automatically. Please do not order from us if you are not comfortable with the arrangement, we hope to seek your understanding ! :)

Designs OOS will definitely email you directly for the swap.

3) Images are on our site are all provided from the sources/suppliers/warehouse so please take with a PINCH of salt when purchasing/ordering! 
Unless peeps are nice enuf to send us your review photo :3

4) We are still adding new series to the website, but no worries, we are still working on the website (wix have really limited customization on the back-end operations 😅 )



We have added 1 more interesting item which is  : 




Contains 3 - 5 item worth over 100sgd ! :D 

Pick a feel and get surprised ! :D 


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