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We help purchase authentic lenses from various indie brands located all around the world, places that you have never heard of before. 

19Ninety-Six provides:

wholesale | drop-ship | individual and bulk purchases

However, do note that you might receive your purchases at a later date as the quantity is lesser.

We import your goods in batches to give you the best price that we can offer.

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Birth of 19ninety-six

We provide an easy search for safe contact lenses, beauty lenses and other services for you. 

Get access to hundreds of designs and colors at your fingertips easily.

However, we only specialize in pre-ordering per your prescription. 

Get creative and explorative with your looks! Cosplays, special festivities, or just a change-up!

Do take note on all the care instructions and policy we have here, it is all for your good. :)

If you wish to have order in bulk, we have special prices just for you. 

Do email in at Officially19ninetysix@gmail.com for more assistance.